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Day Trips and Excursions

At Cordes-sur-Ciel Owners Club we are very aware that people would like to visit some of our famous local towns, such as Toulouse, Cahors and Albi, but worry about driving, security, parking, language or just finding the right places to see.

Part of our service to our rental guests includes advising them on places to visit, routing, parking and eating out. There are a host of opportunities for old and young.

A visit to the Space centre and the wonderful shops in Toulouse, or visit the Cathar town of Albi and the fortified hill top town of Cordes.

A morning or afternoon wine tasting in Quercy, walking around small local family run vineyards with excellent reds and superb rosés to taste, visiting the medieval bastide town and beautiful formal gardens at Cordes, the Chateau at Bruniqel, the fortified hill top castle at Najac.

Lunch cruising the "Canal des Deux Mers" from Montech or walking the Ramparts in the old city of Carcassone.

A week is not long enough to experience the sights, the sounds and smells of this gorgeous region! As our guests call, or email us for more information on just a few of the trips we have selected below that you can enjoy.

Albi with its wonderful monuments and Cordes, an old medieval city which has come back to life can often attract thousands of visitors every year. There are incredible places nearby too that shouldn't be overlooked.

Seven kilometres from Albi on the road to Cordes is Castlenau De Levis a 13th century fortified village, with old streets and the ruins of a castle, with a watch tower that looks out over the Albi plain.

Taking the D18 road you come to Labastide De Levis, a small picturesque village with its 15th C church and co-operative winery.

If you then take the N88 this leads to Gaillac, the capital of the vineyards, and some of the oldest ones in France.

A visit to the wine cellers is a must, where red, rose, white and sparkling wines can be tasted  Gaillac Wines

The town of Gaillac is also charming with its old houses, St Michel Abbey Church and Foucard Park

On the way to Cahuzac-sur-Vere by the D122, you pass through the vineyards which extend as far as the eye can see. 15th C Mauriac Castle is surrounded by this type of countryside. You can go into this castle and some of the rooms are art galleries. There are concerts held here in the holiday season too.

At Cahuzac-sur-Vere, take the road to Le Verdier. A few kilometres from Andillac, Cayla Castle containes a museaum dedicated to the port Maurice de Guérin. A little further on, the village of Vieux features a beautiful church with 14th C frescos.

Castlenau de Montmiral is a 13th C fortified village on top of a hill. It was enclosed by walls containing six doors which were destroyed in 1613, except for Les Garrics door which still remains. There is a covered square with 16th and 17th C buildings and much more.


Puycelsi is also a fortified village, and do visit medieval site of Bruniquel, a town of many legends with its 12th C queen situated between the Tarn and the Aveyron.

From here you could follow the amazing Aveyron Gorges, skirting the Gresigne Forest before reaching Penne


The village lies below an 11th century castle Chateau de Penne.

Penne fortress proudly dominates the Gorges de l'Aveyron seated atop its rocky hilltop and defying all laws of Gravity.

A jewel of history and Occitan architecture and true masterpiece of medieval military construction drawing hikers and medievalists alike, the fortress inspires visitors with its overwhelming views and stunning panoramas.

Excursions to the nearby forest can be organised. On the way back towards Albi, you can stop at Vaour with its curious dolmen and then Cordes.

Cordes is perched on a hill 110 m high and miraculously preserved.

The medieval town dominates the Cerou Valley 25 kilometres north of Albi. The town was formed in 1222 by Count Raymond VII of Toulouse, four years after the death of Simon de Montfort and two years before his son Amaury surrendered his rights over the Languedoc to the King of France.

Established during the height of the crusade against the Albigenses, the fortified city is the last remaining witness of the townspeople's resistance to invasion by the northern knights.

The fortified town possessed four or five walls whose remains still exist.


Until the early 14th C, Cordes was an important centre for the gathering of heretics and there are numerous tales of inquisitors who were thrown into the well on the market square.

After the crusade, the city experienced a long period of expansion due to the flourishing leather and cloth trades. During this time rich merchants built beautiful residences with Gothic facades contributing to the towns attractions.

In recent years numerous artists and craftsmen settled in the town bringing it back to life, attracting many tourists and it has become one of the most picturesque villages in Frances.


If you are looking for a property to rent,or someone to manage an existing one, in or around Cordes and Albi in the Tarn (81) region, why not talk to us? Call or email Janine or Tony… We can help!

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